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  • Brad Coolidge


Live at Whitewater Music Amphitheater | New Braunfels, TX

Photos by: Brad Coolidge, Andrew Quinn, Zach Draper

“Harold Saul High” is Koe Wetzel being 100% Koe Wetzel but adding a new level of songwriting that proves Koe belongs at the forefront of this scene. It’s 90’s and early 2000’s punk rock meets raw, hillbilly east Texas country music. This album marries the authenticity of Koe’s live performance with an even better look into the mind and soul of the writer behind the pen, all at the same time appreciating the wit and heart of Koe in his nature as a fun-loving dude who loves to have a good time. Everyone who complained about having to wait for a new album from Koe gets more than they deserved and likely expected. “Harold Saul High” is sure to be one of the few albums that defines this generation of Texas music.” - Buddy Logan

Associate Editor Andrew Quinn capturing the action (Photo by Brad Coolidge)

The Whitewater Music Amphitheater showcased another killer show on 20 July, 2019 when Koe Wetzel came to town. Supported by Cody Canada & The Departed and Kody West, it sold out well in advance and all in attendance definitely got their money’s worth. Whitewater was recently ranked among the top 100 amphitheater venues for worldwide ticket sales by Pollstar Magazine, so to sell out such a venue, Koe and the boys must be doing something right.

Texas Music Photographers were there in full force to cover the event. The galleries below are from Brad Coolidge (Chief Editor), Andrew Quinn (Associate Editor), and Zach Draper (Contributing Photographer).

Gallery by Brad Coolidge: