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  • Brad Coolidge

Mile 0 Fest 2020

A photo review of a week in paradise showcasing some of the best artists in the Texas/Red Dirt, Country, and Americana genres

2020 marked the third year for this highly-anticipated music festival…. and for a third straight year, Mile 0 Fest did not disappoint! There were more artists, more stages, more venues, more drinks, a stage-diving Moonpie, and even a flood of epic proportions thrown in for good measure. While that last event (a fairly large squall that blew through the Keys) put a damper on (and a short end to) Randy Rogers Band’s set and some events the following day, it didn’t dampen the spirits of the Mile 0 Fest festival goers who were back out on Duval street and in the bars just a few hours later.

This was my third year covering this festival, and I was once again amazed at the way the production crew seemed to pull off one of the most well-oiled festivals I’ve ever attended. Logistical issues (and the aforementioned storm) popped up here and there for sure, but organizers quickly handled them with all of the professionalism I’ve come to expect from them.

2020 Mile 0 Fest was hosted again by none other than Fort Worth’s 95.9 The Ranch’s Ben Ryan, who did a masterful job for his 2nd year in a row. The lineup (as you can see on the left), was stacked and showcased a number of new artists to the festival, as well as some seasoned favorites.

There are a number of online reviews of Mile 0 Fest 2020, including those from our friends at Galleywinter and, and I’m sure if you’ve made it to this little corner of the internet, you’re probably already familiar with those reviews and Mile 0 Fest in general, so I won’t go into a proper review, other than to say a good time was had by all, and that’s the way it should be! The reason most of you are here, is probably for the photos, so you can relive that glorious week in the Keys (or see what you missed!)… so let’s get to it!

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for 2021 so you can join the fun! The official dates and lineup will be announced later this summer on! Be sure to checkout their package deals as well while you’re there!