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  • Brad Coolidge

AMERICAN AQUARIUM - BJ Barham’s 35th Birthday Bash | 5.03.2019

Live at Gruene Hall | Gruene, TX

Photos by: Brad Coolidge

American Aquarium came to Gruene Hall to party on Friday, May 3rd at the oldest dancehall in Texas, Gruene Hall! Specifically, they were celebrating American Aquarium founder, BJ Barham’s 35th trip around the sun while on what seems to be an endless road of dates promoting their latest release, “Things Change.” Mother Nature decided to add to the party atmosphere and opened up with torrential rains, lightning, thunder, and hail. But those that braved the weather were treated to a great night of music and fun with an atmosphere full of electricity (literally!). From the opening notes of “Casualties”, you could tell this was a special night.

Grammy-nominated “Things Change” is American Aquarium’s first release on a label after selling thousands of records on their own. Recorded at 3CG Records in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Things Change was produced by Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter John Fulbright and features cameos from Americana standouts including John Moreland and Jamie Lin Wilson.

The band is currently on the road and touring relentlessly. I can almost guarantee they’ll be stopping at a venue near you, so get out and support live, original, independent music!

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